Wiring Specifications:

Positive Terminal (B+) 80mm
Negative Terminal (B-) 80mm * 2
Power Out (VOUT) 45mm
Wire Gauge 18#

Supported Atomizer Resistance:

POWER MODE 0.08 – 3Ω
TEMP MODE 0.03 – 3Ω
VPC MODE 0.08 – 3Ω

Firmware Update:

Download and install the VO Editor software provided on our website along with appropriate firmware files. Open VO Editor with administrative rights. The device does not need to have an installed battery, but must be connected via USB to a PC. Choose “Open” in VO editor, and select the firmware file. Click “Update” to begin firmware upgrade. Once the progress meter is complete, a confirmation of the upgrade will appear on screen. Do not unplug USB cable from device or PC during an update. If an update error occurs, please repeat steps 2 and 3 until device is successfully updated.

Boot Logo Update:

Follow the above procedure, but choose “Open Logo”. Logo Specifications: 128x32 @ 1bit / pixel


Output Power: 5-75

Watts Output Voltage: Minimum 3.7V, Maximum 9.5V

Standby Current: <100 uA

Micro USB Charging Port: 500mAH charging. The device can be used as long as battery provides 2.7V to the device while USB charging. Provides constant charging until battery reaches 4.2V.

POWER MODE & VPC MODE: Adjustable from 5-75 Watts

TEMP MODE: Adjustable from 212-572 °F / 100-300 °C

BYPASS: Dependant on voltage of installed high drain battery.

Adjustment Increments:

POWER & VPC MODE: adjustable with (+) and (–) buttons in 0.1W increments. When button is long pressed, increment increases to 1W.

TEMP MODE: adjustable with (+) and (-) buttons in 1°F/C. When adjustment button is long pressed the increment increases to 10°F/C.

Protection Features:

Low Voltage: During operation, a LOW BATTERY message appears when battery voltage dips below 3.3V

Auto Shut-off: To prevent damage to the machine and atomizer, the device cannot power an atomizer for more than 10 seconds. After 10 seconds of continuous operation the atomizer will stop receiving power until the fire button is released.

Overheat Protection: Under continuous and prolonged use, the PCB may reach an unacceptable temperature. Under this circumstance, a CAUTION TOO HOT message will appear on screen. Once the PCB cools to acceptable levels, operation is restored.

Short Protection: When device is activated and a short is detected, a SHORT CIRCUIT! Message will appear on screen until fire button is released.

Atomizer Error: When the atomizer is not detected, improperly installed, or damaged, a CHECK ATOMIZER message will appear until fire button is released.

Low Resistance Protection: If the resistance of the atomizer is beyond supported specifications, a LOW RES message will appear on screen until the fire button is released.

Dry Burn Protection: If wick is not saturated enough, a DRY COIL NO LIQUID message will appear on screen. Please make sure your wick is saturated with liquid to avoid damage to your atomizer or device.